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Terms & Conditions
  • All prices are excl. VAT and delivery, without any kind of guarantee or warranty, picked up by buyer, in it is current state as is!
  • Extra equipment and accessories shown in photos, is normally not included. If equipment or accessories are included, it will be mentioned in the ad.
  • Reservations for missing or misleading information in the ads. The information may appear in different ways, for example from the the former owner, former user or third part, and must be regarded only as a guide based on an estimate. It is up to the buyer himself to check the object before payment and pickup / delivery! Seller is not responsible for any missing documents, certificates, statements, instruction books and similar relating to the goods sold. The deal relates only material available at the time of sale. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure about to him required materials are available before purchase!
  • Information about age or year of production is without responsibility. Such data are often not visible on the goods and can be based on a estimate. In this case it will mostly be mentioned in the ad. It is buyers responsibility to make sure that an stated or estimated year is correct.
  • DK Maskin make reservation for selected products availability. Specific equipment is usually called "Bid welcome" or there are informed about this reservations in the ad. These issues are often either not - or not yet owned by us.
  • Handover / delivery of the goods sold can only take place after full payment has been made. DK Machine has full ownership of the goods until full payment has been made.
  • Insurance responsibility pass to the buyer at the moment of full payment is received. It is then the buyers responsibility to insure the purchased item.

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